Zone 2: Biblical Worldview


Two 1½ hour sessions a week for 4 weeks




Rebuilding the Walls of the Economy Course

This a set program that will explore the Biblical blueprint of business and the economy, and how we can practically apply that into the current situation and scenarios we find ourselves in. Sessions will allow for Q&A and additional insights as per issues brought up in the sessions.

The content will include the following topics:

  • Foundational Understanding of the Economy
  • Economic Systems
  • Accessing Divine blueprints
  • The 2 systems at play – the falling and the arising
  • The principles of the biblical Economy
  • The journey of preparation through the wilderness
  • The heart transplant – our attitude in business
  • Kingdom strategies for success in God’s economy
  • Linking vocation to a higher calling
  • Foundational mind-set to transform economies and business
  • Business and resource stewardship
  • Understanding the 5 pillars of profit
  • The economic – financial cycle of multiplication
  • Why we are given the power to create wealth
  • Strategies to rebuild the economic value chain for Inclusive growth
  • The ancient economic reset model – Jubilee


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